Marine Surveys at the Port of Southampton

A full range of services including Cargo Surveys, Container Packing/Unpacking Surveys and Draft Surveys for all types of bulk and specialist cargo customers.

Our Marine Surveyors are experienced in all types of cargo including all bulk cargo, forest products, steel products, fruit cargo, refrigerated cargo, containerised cargo, liquid cargo and roll on roll off cargo, to name but a few.

Cargo Surveys

Pre-Shipment Survey
(check condition of cargo prior to shipment, note damage and assist master with clauses)

Out-Turn Cargo Surveys
(monitoring condition of cargo during/after discharge, noting any damages)

Damaged Cargo Surveys
(ascertaining the nature, cause and extent of damage)

Project Cargoes
(advising and overseeing loading/discharge of specialist cargoes)

Heavy Lifts
(advising and overseeing loading/discharge of heavy lift cargoes incl. stowage & lashing plans / calculations)

Container packing/unpacking surveys

Hazardous Cargoes
(ensuring correct stowage and separation)

IMDG Container Pre–shipment Inspections

Lashing and Securing
(ensuring cargo is adequately lashed and secured prior to sailing)

Transit Damage
(damage caused to cargo by sea or road transport)

Containerised Cargoes
(ascertaining the nature, cause and extent of damage)

Draft surveys

To establish cargo tonnage loaded / discharged as a result of calculation from the readings of the vessels drafts, tank soundings and the interpolation of the hydrostatic information at the Initial & Final Surveys

Who uses the service?

Our launch services are used by the port operator and major shipping lines.

More info?

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“SCPS have been an important component of the integral mechanism that has made the Port of Southampton a functional, reliable and cost effective conduit to the UK ’s commercial and private sectors for many years. They services that they provide are diverse and reliable and they are a trusted partner to many businesses working through the port."
Tony Feerick
UK Operations Director
APL (UK)


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